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Vol. XVIII No. 40 212th Legislature First Annual Session

Assemblyman Albio Sires of the 33rd Legislative District has resigned.


The Senate did not meet. The Senate will meet on Monday, November 27, 2006 (QUORUM, Committee Groups "3" and "4" scheduled to meet).


Bills Introduced:

A3476 Conaway,H/Conners,J E-ZPass-discount, cert. frequent users REF ATR

A3669 Pennacchio,J/Cohen,N Ultrasounds during pregnancy-concern use REF AHE

A3670 Merkt,R/Baroni,B Corrupt Gains Restitution Act-estab. REF AJU

A3678 Merkt,R JRS-concerns retir. benf. REF ASG

A3679 Giblin,T+1 Direct mail processing svcs.-exempt tax REF ABU

A3680 Johnson,G Gang Memb. Relocation Coordinator Off. REF ALP

A3681 Cryan,J Intermodal chassis parking-exempt tax REF ABU

A3682 Karrow,M Pub. Adjusters' Lic. Act-concerns REF ARP

A3683 Stack,B Low income rental proj-concern rent incr REF AHO

A3684 Manzo,L Expungements-revises statute REF AJU

A3685 Gusciora,R Civil Marriage, Religious Prot Act-enact REF AJU

A3686 McHose,A Transp infrastructure-proh foreign owner REF ATR

A3687 McHose,A Del Riv Port Auth-proh selling cert proj REF ATR

A3688 McHose,A PANYNJ-proh selling proj, foreign corp REF ATR

A3689 McHose,A Del. Riv. Jt. Toll Bridge Comm.-concerns REF ATR

A3690 McHose,A Del. Riv Bay Auth-proh selling cert proj REF ATR

A3691 Beck,J/Baroni,B Mun. redevel. prog.-revises procedures REF ACE

A3692 Lampitt,P/Greenwald,L Sexually oriented bus.-mun. reg. REF AHO

A3693 Lampitt,P/Greenwald,L Sexually oriented bus.-zoning req. REF AHO

A3694 Karrow,M Sch. fac. proj.-concerns voter approval REF AED

A3695 Karrow,M Farm dwellings-excl., low income housing REF AHO

A3696 Karrow,M DEP enforcement-award cost to defendent REF AEN

A3697 Munoz,E Refueling fac.-prov. map REF ATR

A3698 McHose,A Ovarian Health Prot. Act-concerns REF AHE

A3699 McHose,A Membership fees/dues-remove sales tax REF ABU

A3701 McHose,A Lane Splitting Task Force-estab. REF ATR

A3702 Baroni,B Health, fitness club fees-elim sales tax REF ABU

A3703 Cohen,N/Bramnick,J Auto insur. PIP claims-concerns REF AFI

A3704 Vas,J+1 US Coast Guard-auth. special lic. plate REF AMV

A3705 Blee,F Club, org. fees, cert.-exemp. sales tax REF ABU

A3706 Dancer,R PERS-concerns accidental disab. benf. REF ASG

A3707 Dancer,R Tobacco products-concerns lic. REF AAP

A3708 Dancer,R Health club memb., cert.-income tax cred REF AHE

A3709 Dancer,R Handicapped spots-exempt from meter REF ATR

A3710 Dancer,R Underage driv., consumed alco-incr penal REF ALP

A3711 Dancer,R+2 Nicole's Law-concerns restraining order REF AJU

A3712 Cohen,N Insur. Premium Finan. Co. Act-revise REF AFI

A3713 Cohen,N Security investment adviser-regis. req. REF AFI

A3714 Kean,S/Wolfe,D Club fees, dues, cert-concerns sales tax REF ABU

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

A3715 Karrow,M Real prop.-concerns fair market value REF ASG

A3716 Caraballo,W Death penalty-repeals REF AJU

A3717 Van Drew,J Manuf. homes, cert-concern mun svc. fees REF AHO

A3718 Van Drew,J/Albano,N Police Unity Tour Mem. Hwy.-desig. Rt. 9 REF ATR

A3719 Van Drew,J PFRS-permits cert. loans to retirees REF ASG

A3720 Van Drew,J Mandated Health Benf. Advis Comm-revises REF AFI

A3721 Van Drew,J MV conversion-prov. sales tax exemption REF AEN

A3722 Van Drew,J PERS-concerns purchased cred. REF ASG

A3723 Van Drew,J Green E-ZPass-discount cert. veh. REF ATR

A3724 DeCroce,A Jt. Leg., Ethical Standards Comm.-memb. REF ASG

A3725 O'Toole,K PERS memb., elected off.-concerns REF ASG

A3726 O'Toole,K St.-admin. retir. sys.-calculate benf. REF ASG

A3727 O'Toole,K PERS, TPAF-concerns enrollment threshold REF ASG

A3728 O'Toole,K St., loc. govt., bd. of ed. emp-concerns REF ASG

A3729 O'Toole,K St.-admin. retir. sys.-concerns REF ASG

A3730 O'Toole,K Pension, Health Benf. Review Comm.-memb. REF ASG

A3731 O'Toole,K St.-admin retir sys-concerns disab retir REF ASG

A3732 O'Toole,K PERS-concerns pub. contractors REF ASG

A3733 O'Toole,K Prof. svcs to loc units-concerns billing REF AHO

A3734 O'Toole,K SHBP prescription drug plan-bulk purch. REF ASG

A3735 O'Toole,K SHBP-concerns generic prescrip. drugs REF ASG

A3736 O'Toole,K SHBP-disease, chronic care mgt. plan REF ASG

A3737 O'Toole,K SHBP-req. St. Auditor conduct audits REF ASG

A3738 O'Toole,K Pub. emp.-concerns pd. holidays REF ASG

ACR216 Gregg,G Marriage union-concerns REF AJU

ACR217 Conaway,H Children's Health Insur Prog-fed funding REF AHE

ACR218 Greenwald,L Homestead real prop.-limit assessment REF ASG

ACR219 O'Toole,K Pub. emp. pension sys.-estab. standards REF ASG

ACR220 O'Toole,K Pub. emp. benf.-concerns REF ASG

ACR221 O'Toole,K St. pension sys.-reduce unfunded liab. REF ABU

ACR222 O'Toole,K Med Care Availability Task Force-concern REF AHE

AJR122 Dancer,R Gaming Industry Task Force-creates REF ATG

AJR123 Chivukula,U Diwali Month-recog. Oct. 15 thru Nov. 14 REF ASG

AR217 Merkt,R Albin, Barry-concerns impeachment REF AJU

AR218 Merkt,R LaVecchia, Jaynee-concerns impeachment REF AJU

AR219 Merkt,R Rivera-Soto, Roberto-concern impeachment REF AJU

AR220 Merkt,R Wallace, John E.-concerns impeachment REF AJU

AR221 Merkt,R Poritz, Deborah T.-concerns impeachment REF AJU

AR222 Merkt,R Zazzali, James J.-concerns impeachment REF AJU

AR223 Merkt,R Long, Virginia A.-concerns impeachment REF AJU

AR224 Vandervalk,C CPR training-incl., HS curriculum REF AED

AR225 Johnson,G Gang memb. relocation prog.-memor. Cong. REF ALP

AR226 Conaway,H Medicare benf.-concerns enrollment REF AHE

Bills Withdrawn From The Files:

A3146 O'Toole,K St-administered retir. sys.-concerns FROM ASG

A3475 O'Toole,K/McHose,A TPAF, PERS early retir-changes age elig. FROM ASG

A3726 O'Toole,K St.-admin. retir. sys.-calculate benf. FROM ASG

A3731 O'Toole,K St.-admin retir sys-concerns disab retir FROM ASG

A3738 O'Toole,K Pub. emp.-concerns pd. holidays FROM ASG

Co-Sponsors Added:

A327 (Voss,J) Polling place hrs, cert elections-reduce

A724 (Bateman,C) Federal income tax advantages-extends

A1404 (Karrow,M) Vol FF, first aid squad-prov. tax deduc

A2508 (Karrow,M) Vol. firefighters-$5K income tax deduct.

A2521 (Stack,B) ATM fac.-emerg. phone service req.

A2526 (Stack,B) TPAF, PERS-concerns purch. of svc. cred.

A3535 (Gusciora,R; McHose,A; Vainieri Huttle,V; Albano,N; Bramnick,J; Truitt,O) Club, org. fees, cert.-exemp. sales tax

A3539 (Green,J; Biondi,P; Vas,J; Oliver,S; Truitt,O; Quigley,J; Epps,C; Wolfe,D) Manuf. rebates-concerns

A3557 (Karrow,M) Taxation rate-concerns cert. mun.

A3560 (Karrow,M) Jt. Leg., Ethical Standard Comm.-memb.

A3561 (Kean,S; Karrow,M) Sales and use tax-concerns

A3566 (Wolfe,D) Prescription meds-concerns minors

Co-Sponsors Added: (cont'd)

A3634 (Corodemus,S; Green,J; Vas,J; Bateman,C; Malone,J) PFRS bd. of trustees-incr. memb.

A3704 (McKeon,J) US Coast Guard-auth. special lic. plate

A3711 (Rumpf,B; Connors,C) Nicole's Law-concerns restraining order

ACR106 (Beck,J) Sch. funding-amends NJ Constit.

ACR212 (Vandervalk,C) Traumatic Brain Injury Act, 2006-enact

AJR121 (Oliver,S) Lincoln Hwy. Bridge-desig.

Co-Sponsors Withdrawn:

AJR116 (Diegnan,P) Transp. Proj. Drainage Pipe Study Comm.

Second Prime Sponsors Added:

A112 (Karrow,M) Jt. Leg., Ethical Standards Comm.-memb.

A3532 (Karrow,M) Highlands Region-concerns

A3572 (Barnes,P) Electronic Waste Recycling Act

A3633 (Munoz,E) Hosp. trustees-concerns

Third Prime Sponsors Added:

A2554 Aca (1R) (Johnson,G) Child product safety-concerns

A2935 (Johnson,G) Primary care practitioners-loan redemp

A2950 Aca (1R) (Bramnick,J) Sweepstakes-reg. operation in NJ

A3057 (Munoz,E) Primary care-clarify definition

A3572 (McKeon,J) Electronic Waste Recycling Act

A3643 (Voss,J) Patricia's Law-model Missing Persons Leg

AR216 (Munoz,E) Amer. Diabetes Mo.-recog. November 2006

Fourth Prime Sponsors Added:

A2950 Aca (1R) (Manzo,L) Sweepstakes-reg. operation in NJ

A3675 (Vas,J) Open space acquisition, urban aid;$39.4M

Fifth Prime Sponsors Added:

A2950 Aca (1R) (Rumpf,B) Sweepstakes-reg. operation in NJ

A2951 (Manzo,L) Prescription Drug Right-to-Know Act

The Assembly Speaker has made the following appointments:

Joint Legislative Committee on Ethical Standards:

Assemblyman John Wisniewski (19), to substitute for Assemblyman Wilfredo Caraballo (29).

Assemblyman Thomas P. Giblin (34), to substitute for Assemblyman Neil M. Cohen (20).

The Assembly adjourned at 5:15 P.M. to meet again on Monday, December 4, 2006 (QUORUM, Committees at the Call of the Speaker).

Bills Passed Both Houses/Sent To Governor:


Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (11/13/06):