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Legislative Services

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New Jersey
Office of Legislative Services
Office of Public Information
Lori O'Mara-Van Driesen, Director
State House Annex
P.O. Box 068
Trenton, NJ 08625-0068
PHONE NUMBER: 609-847-3130

The Director of Public Information supervises legislative public information services and programs, which include a telephone hotline, legislative calendar, bill status tracking, bill room, session day staff, ceremonial resolutions, hearing reporters, publications, exhibits, videos, a digital news clipping service, an in-house reference library and the legislative commissions database.
The office administers the State House Tour Program, the New Jersey Legislature’s Internet site, the Capitol Complex Public Use program, and the Welcome Center.

The Director of Public Information serves as the OLS Records Custodian for requests submitted through the Open Public Records Act (OPRA).

Lori O'Mara-Van Driesen, Director
Room B50, State House Annex, 609-847-3130
Susan K. Swords Assistant Director
Penelope S. Gardner Programs Manager
James J. Biesiada, Sr. Commissions Specialist
Eve E. Montalvo Administrative Assistant
Lori Cenneno Principal Secretary

Ceremonial Resolutions
Room B55, State House Annex, 609-847-3140
Penelope S. Gardner Manager
Kelly E. Benning Senior Writer
Kathleen Ruhmel Ceremonial Resolution Assistant
Maria E. Rabbat Writer    
Anthony Stoeckert Writer    

Hearing Reporter Unit
Room B50, State House Annex, 609-847-3125
Dawn Temperino Coordinator
Barbara Robbins Senior Editor/Proofreader
Pamela N. Fenner Senior Hearing Reporter
Melissa E. Jouben Hearing Reporter

Legislative Information and Bill Room
Room B1, State House Annex, 847-3905, toll free: 800-792-8630, bill requests: 847-3180,
for persons with hearing impairments: Dial 711
for NJ Relay  
Christopher T. Mangold Manager, Legislative Information and Bill Room
Michael Combs Supervisor, Legislative Information and Bill Room
Dane Black Public Information Specialist 2
Amanda DePiano Public Information Specialist 2
Dawn Gass Public Information Specialist 4
Robert J. Jameson Lead Public Information Specialist
Benjamin L. Labrie Public Information Specialist 4
Jennifer A. Mazzella Lead Public Information Specialist
Brian J. Pettine Lead Public Information Specialist
Kevin L. Rowe Public Information Specialist 2
Louis P. Ruziecki Public Information Specialist 1
Katherine Salberta Public Information Specialist 2
Lisha Woods Lead Public Information Specialist

OLS Library

Rooms 101/103, State House Annex, 609-847-3160
Ingrid Hernquist Manager, OLS Library Services
Dana M. Combs Librarian/Archivist
Jordan T. Shedlock Librarian/Digital and Information Resources
Maeve E. Pinto Singh Librarian/Research
Richard R. Comerford Newspaper Clipping Service Assistant/Library Projects
Ann Roberts Library Assistant

Publications and Graphics Services

Room B56, State House Annex, 609-847-3190
Penelope S. Gardner Manager
Lisa M. delVecchio Publications Assistant

Public Use Program

Room B54, State House Annex, 609-847-3135
Dawn Temperino Program Coordinator

Tour Office

Room 242, State House Annex, 609-847-3150
David N. April Tour Program Coordinator
Erica L. Freeman Tour Program Educator
Carol M. Rogers Tour Program Liaison
Nicole A. Boisselle Tour Program Specialist
Pamela Chamberlain Tour Specialist
Louis A. Steele Tour Specialist
Public Information Assistance
OLS Staff Directory


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