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Legislative Services

NJ State Seal
New Jersey
Office of Legislative Services
Stephen M. Eells
State Auditor
ADDRESS: 125 South Warren St.
P.O. Box 067
Trenton, NJ 08625-0067
PHONE NUMBER: 609-847-3470

The State Auditor is a constitutional officer appointed by the Legislature In joint session and placed within the OLS. The Auditor conducts financial and performance audits of State agencies, certain school districts, and vicinages of the Judiciary.
The State Auditor also conducts studies on the operation, economy and efficiency of State-run or State-supported programs.

Stephen M. Eells,
State Auditor
Robyn G. Boyer, Administrative Assistant
125 South Warren St., (P.O. Box 067), 847-3470
David J. Kaschak   Assistant State Auditor 
John Termyna   Assistant State Auditor 
Paul R. Baron   Manager
Franklin Bowker   Manager
Timothy D. Bush   Manager
Robert F. Gatti   Manager
Anthony J. Glebocki   Manager
Linda Maher   Manager
Charles Paslawsky   Manager
William Robinson   Manager
Thomas Troutman   Manager
Jill Bodnar   Secretary to the Assistant State Auditor
John L. Garrett   Data Analyst
Megan Osorio   Support Service Assistant
Barkley Sury   Support Service Assistant
Principal Auditors    

Daniel Altobelli
Kenyona Booker
Scott Brevet
Cynthia S. Burdalski
Donna M. Castelli
John J. Coyle
Tanya Cuccia
Luz K. Dow
Sean F. Duffy
Lorien Flannery
Rene Gervasoni

Kathleen Gorman
Vishal P. Jhaveri
Brian Klingele
Kenneth Kramli
Anna Lorenc
Joshua Mastro
Richard J. McHale
Kristen Menegus
Smaragda Ng
Stacey O’Brien
John R. Pullen

Robert Rizzo Jr.
Donna M. Shemansky
Brian K. Sherfesee
Hiral S. Singh
Jesskim So
Christopher D. Soleau
Michael A. Tantum
Stephanie A. Titus
Irene Torunoglu
Kurt T. Zadworney
Staff Auditors    

Derek Bachmann
Christine Chang
Diana Choe
Andrew D. Cipriano
Morgan E. Cole
Daniel Crabtree
Denise Damico
Devan M. Davies
George Derbaly
Lesia Didukh
Meghan Ellis
Helene Evich
Nikki M. Farrell
Tanja Fessler
Eric G. Fonseca
Daniel Garcia

Timothy R. Garcia
Richard Grahovac
Iryna Gryniv
Rachel A. Haines
Kevin Hall
Kenneth P. Henderson
Kevin Holt
Benjamin Horner
Omodolapo Ilelaboye
David M. Illuminate
David Jonas
Michael Kiyaga
Kiersten M. Kokotajlo
Kirill Kornoukh
Brian W. Larkin
Taylor Leavy

Douglass W. MacArthur
Matthew T. McCue
David Miller
Robert O’Brien
John O’Meara
Joseph Pica
Michelle Quinones
Stephanie Rybak
Michael Salberta
Nicole Sansone
Meghan Stillwell
Jennifer Suchan
Justin Toldt
Shrushti Trivedi


OLS Staff Directory 


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