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The Legislative Information and Bill Room (LIBR) provides information to legislators, legislative staff, governmental agencies, the news media and the public. Common queries pertain to legislative action, legislative meeting schedules, contact information and explanations of legislative procedures. The office also refers inquiries to State, local and federal agencies where appropriate. The toll-free number is 800-792-8630 (for in-state calls only). For Hearing Impaired users, dial 711 for NJ Relay. The LIBR can also be reached at (609) 847-3905.

The LIBR prepares the Legislative Calendar, which includes announcements of the date, time and location for Senate and General Assembly sessions; meetings of standing reference committees and legislative commissions; and public hearings. Session information also includes agendas and board lists. The office also produces the Legislative Digest the day after each session of either House, which provides up-to-date information on legislative activity, including various categories of bill status such as bills introduced, bills passed, bills amended by committee and bills signed into law since the last session.

The LIBR staff maintains bill status tracking and keeps records of floor voting and committee action. They distribute copies of Executive Orders, veto messages, committee membership and leadership listings, and all publications produced by the Office of Legislative Services. The LIBR prints and distributes copies of bills, resolutions, committee statements, fiscal notes and recently enacted chapter laws. They also provide public hearing transcripts; copies of the Journal of the Senate, Minutes of the General Assembly, and Laws of New Jersey; and maps of New Jersey's legislative and congressional districts; as well as the following:

  • New Jersey Legislature Roster of Members pdf (large-print version available)
  • Legislator Picture Book
  • The Legislative Process in New Jersey pdf (English)
  • The Legislative Process in New Jersey pdf (Spanish)
  • Making Your Voice Heard: Understanding the Public's Role in the Legislative Committee Process pdf
  • Chamber Seating Charts Senate Assembly
  • Citizens' Guide pdf
  • Legislator's Handbook pdf
  • OLS Guide to Services pdf
  • OLS Staff Directory
  • Glossary of Legislative Terms pdf

Visitor and Educational Publications

  • Visit the New Jersey State House pdf
  • Information for Visitors with Special Needs pdf (large-print version available)
  • Visit New Jersey's Capitol Complex pdf (large-print version available)
  • State House Educational Tours and Programs pdf
  • How a Bill Becomes a Law in New Jersey: A Student's Guide to the Legislative Process pdf
  • New Jersey State House Activity Book pdf (English)
  • New Jersey State House Activity Book pdf (Spanish)
  • Pastimes and Trivia pdf
  • The State House Today pdf

Members of the general public may obtain any of these items by telephone, in person, through the mail, or via the Internet. Orders are usually filled within 24 hours. These documents are normally available to the public free of charge, with the notable exception of books. The office is located on level B of the State House Annex. The mailing address is

Legislative Information and Bill Room
State House Annex
P.O. Box 068
Trenton, NJ 08625-0068

The staff may be contacted via e-mail at


As a public service and pursuant to N.J.S.A 52:11-78, the Office of Legislative Services makes available to the public, via the Internet (, the text of all legislation under consideration by the present and past Legislatures and the full text of the Laws of the State of New Jersey. The site allows real time access to legislative proceedings. Also available are biographical overviews and pictures for each member; the Legislative Calendar and Legislative Digest; rosters and district listings; visitor information and a kids' page.



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