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Assembly Education
11:00 AM
Committee Room 16, 4th Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ

Chair: Assemblywoman Pamela R. Lampitt  ViceChair: Assemblywoman Mila M. Jasey    Membership

The committee will receive testimony from invited guests regarding sexual misconduct in schools, including district practices for reporting misconduct committed by students and school personnel, compliance with federal reporting requirements and public dissemination of this information. Pending Intro & Referral: A-2189 {Lampitt} Requires districts to include instruction on consequences of distributing sexually explicit images through electronic means as part of Standards in Health & Physical Ed;

A769 Caputo, Ralph R./Giblin, Thomas P.+14Age-appropriate sexual abuse curriculum
A2189 Lampitt, Pamela R./Downey, Joann+11Distributing explicit images-concerns
A2190 Lampitt, Pamela R./Downey, Joann+5Consent, physical contact-req instruct
A3381 Downey, Joann/Webber, Jay+15School emp.-req. emp. hist. review
S414 Pennacchio, Joseph/Bucco, Anthony R.+19Sch. emp.-review emp. history