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Senate Education
10:00 AM
Committee Room 6, 1st Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ

Chair: Senator M. Teresa Ruiz  ViceChair: Senator Shirley K. Turner    Membership

S-2707 (Ruiz/Madden) (pending intro and referral) Establishes task force within DOE on prevention of sexual abuse of children. *Added to the agenda: Pending intro & referral: S-2709 (Ruiz/Madden) Provides that certain persons who commit act of sexual penetration or sexual contact with students who are 16 or older are guilty of sexual assault or aggravated criminal sexual contact; S-2711 (Ruiz/Madden) Mandates child abuse and sexual abuse training for all candidates for teaching certification;

A542 Mazzeo, Vincent/Lagana, Joseph A.+21Opioid antidote-cert sch maintain supply
S408 Pennacchio, Joseph/Ruiz, M. Teresa+3Child sexual abuse-sch dist estab policy
S641 Beach, James/Bateman, Christopher+1Child sexual abuse-report to police
S1129 Bucco, Anthony R./Corrado, Kristin M.+2Child abuse record checks-concerns
S1830 Ruiz, M. Teresa/Bateman, Christopher+3Opioid antidote-cert sch maintain supply
S2044 Turner, Shirley K./Ruiz, M. Teresa+1Deaf Student's Bill of Rights-estab.
S2045 Turner, Shirley K./Ruiz, M. Teresa+1Deaf-concerns early language develop.
S2304 Rice, Ronald L.Pub. sch. textbooks-prov. each student
S2489 Cruz-Perez, Nilsa/Turner, Shirley K.+3Child abuse hotline-sch. posting req.
S2707 Ruiz, M. Teresa/Madden, Fred H.+2Children-prev. sexual abuse task force
S2709 Ruiz, M. Teresa/Madden, Fred H.+2Students-concerns sexual assault
S2711 Ruiz, M. Teresa/Madden, Fred H.Child abuse training-teaching certif.
S2712 Ruiz, M. Teresa/Madden, Fred H.Child abuse training arbitrator-mandates
S2713 Madden, Fred H./Ruiz, M. Teresa+2Teacher misconduct-report to Leg.
S2714 Ruiz, M. Teresa/Madden, Fred H.Sch staff, fail to report abuse-concerns
S2715 Madden, Fred H./Ruiz, M. Teresa+1Sch surveilance-devel protocol footage