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Senate State Government, Wagering, Tourism & Historic Preservation
10:15 AM

Chair: Senator James Beach  ViceChair: Senator Dawn Marie Addiego    Membership

Due to the public health emergency, the State House Annex remains closed to visitors.  
The public may not attend the Committee meeting in person but may view and participate in the meeting via the New Jersey Legislature home page at  
The Committee will take oral testimony on bills, by telephone and video.  
If you are interested in registering your position with the Committee, please fill out the Registration Form located on the New Jersey Legislature Home Page under the applicable Committee heading.   
For those individuals who wish to testify, please check the box "Do you wish to testify?" on the Registration Form. Instructions for testifying before the Committee will be forwarded to you after you submit your Registration Form.  
The form must be submitted by 3:00 PM, on Wednesday, January 13, 2021.  
The public may also submit written testimony electronically in lieu of oral testimony. Written testimony will be included in the Committee record and distributed to all the Committee members. Written testimony should be submitted to  

A1995 Pinkin, Nancy J./Downey, JoannStudent exchange visitor placement org, international-register w/Secretary of St
A4810 Pinkin, Nancy J./Vainieri Huttle, Valerie+11Government Efficiency and Regulatory Review Commission-establish
S318 Rice, Ronald L./Singleton, TroyPublic contracting-req conduct periodic studies of racial and ethnic disparities
S441 Oroho, Steven V./Sarlo, Paul A.+3Government Efficiency and Regulatory Review Commission-establish
S3114 Greenstein, Linda R.PERS Prosecutors Part-allow member to estab. purchased PERS credit at addl. cost
S3149 Pou, Nellie/Turner, Shirley K.Student exchange visitor placement org, international-register w/Secretary of St
S3203 Gill, Nia H./Greenstein, Linda R.Early voting, in person-require for certain elections; makes appropriation
S3209 Pou, Nellie/Scutari, Nicholas P.+1Leg. memb. & probation officers-proh. disclosure of personal info., estab. crime
S3242 Codey, Richard J./Sacco, Nicholas J.Elective public office & cert political activity-bar cert pub officials for 3 yr
S3322 Beach, JamesBallot drop boxes-allow co. bd. of elections determine location by majority vote