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Hearing Selection: Select the hearing session of the day per which you wish to register.

Personal Information: Please provide all necessary information. * Denotes required field. A working email address must be provided to ensure all confirmations and correspondence will be delivered accurately. Check your email regularly to receive confirmation. It may be in your spam folder.

Confirmation: A confirmation of your registration, along with guidelines for testimony will be provided via email prior to the hearing date. Note: The “Registration Receipt” page is an acknowledgment of your submission not a confirmation.

Hearing Loss Assistance: In the event that hearing loss assistance is required, please indicate the preferred method from the drop-down menu. The provision of assistive listening devices requires 24 hours’ notice. CART or sign language interpretation requires 5 days’ notice.

  • In order to accommodate as many witnesses as possible, some variations in the time schedule may be required:
    1. Those scheduled to participate during the late afternoon session, at the in-person hearing at Ramapo College of New Jersey on March 21, 2023 should arrive at the beginning of their assigned time period to avoid missing the opportunity to testify should the hearing adjourn early.
    2. Those persons scheduled to participate during a session at the remote, video conference hearing on April 25, 2023 are asked to log into the session within the hour prior to the start of the session to guarantee participation.
  • Oral testimony will be limited to three minutes.
  • In order to facilitate the operation of the hearings, those persons wishing to present written testimony are asked to submit the document in advance to SBABudgetHearings@njleg.org.
  • Written testimony should include the name of the person(s) speaking, organization name, address, phone number and email address. Written testimony submitted to the committee will be made public on the Internet and become part of the permanent record. Personal contact information will not be made public.
  • In the event you cannot appear to testify, you may email: SBABudgetHearings@njleg.org or mail your testimony to the Legislative Budget and Finance Office, State House Annex, P.O. Box 068, Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0068.
  • You will be allowed to testify at one Senate public hearing. Those participants from statewide or national organizations with multiple chapters, offices, locations, etc., should consolidate their efforts and select one person to represent the organization.
If you need hearing loss assistance, remember to choose one of the three options under “Hearing Loss Assistance” on the Public Hearing selection form. Click on the drop down menu that will allow you to choose either a sign language interpreter, C.A.R.T., or an assistive listening device. If you do not make a selection your response will be recorded as “none”. C.A.R.T. or sign language interpreter require 5 days notice. An assistive listening device requires 24 hours notice.

C.A.R.T. (Communications Access Real-time Translation) C.A.R.T. (Communications Access Real-time Translation)
C.A.R.T. is an alternative to a sign language interpreter or assistive listening device which provides the services of a person with the skills of a court reporter to transcribe the audible testimony and comments of the proceedings onto a computer monitor so you can read it and follow the course of the hearing along with everyone else.

An assistive listening device is a device that will enhance your ability to hear the proceedings during the public hearings. In this case, it would be a set of headphones you can use to amplify the sound.
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