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  District Map


209th Legislative District Map 209th Legislative District Map

Effective for the existing Legislative Session

210th Legislative District Map 210th Legislative District Map

Effective for November 6, 2001 Elections and the 210th Legislature commencing January 8, 2002



Every ten years, after the federal decennial census, New Jersey's Senate and General Assembly districts are redrawn by an Apportionment Commission to maintain an equal population in each district.  Created under Article IV, Section III of the State Constitution, the Commission consists of 10 members, five each appointed by the chairs of the state committees of the two major political parties.  Its mandate is to produce an apportionment plan by February 1 of the year following the federal decennial census or within one month of receipt of the census figures, whichever is later.  If the Commission fails to meet its deadline or declares that it will be unable to do so, the Chief Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court appoints an eleventh member.

The 210th Legislative District map  is the plan submitted by the Apportionment Commission.   

Because of the latest census figures, municipalities formerly in one Legislative District may be reassigned to another Legislative District.  Check the  210th Municipality Index  to determine the district number for your municipality for the November 6, 2001 General Elections, and for the new 210th Legislative Session starting January 8, 2002. 




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